Everybody has A Story, we do too!

We thrive on creativity and always tried to do things in a different way. The idea of Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software was hovering in our minds since March 2018. From early 2018 the 3D Timeslice Booth software (COR2TECT) was on its prime and it’s still our flagship product and people from 40+ countries using our product. Due to the demand, the basic research for the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software was deffered.

After the initial development was done we started to communicate with our clients, and with their feedback and ideas, we architected this engine primarily to focus on live event & virtual event business and named it Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software. It comes with two flavors, one is online (Virtual Event) and another is desktop software (Live Event Engagement). Both are built on the same algorithm, so result will be always same. It is very fast & consistent for online events. With our dedication and 24/7 support for clients, we do believe Diphideo Photo Mosaic Platform is a game-changer for the current market.

The meaning of Diphideo is very simple. Our founder came up the name Diphideo during the product improvement of COR2TECT market. Diphideo is the abbreviation of Digital Photo & Video. Rhythm is the key!

Our Products

Diphideo Photo Mosaic platform provides a wide range of software solutions which help event people to power their mosaic event needs. From live event to virtual to printing, everything is possible with our versatile Diphideo Photo Mosaic software service. We also offer bespoke solution that can be tailored to your specific event needs. So whatever your needs are, don’t be shy to say Hello!

We are bringing more exciting projects, keep your eyes on our site :)