Use Virtual Photo Mosaic Event For Brand Activation During Covid 19 Pandemic

Brand activations can be a matter of headache even for some experienced marketers & Covid 19 pandemic made things even worse. Brand activations, corporate events or any personal events like weddings or parties Virtual Photo Mosaic can be the key for starting events. Virtual Photo Mosaic Event can be a game changer for events during Covid 19 Pandemic and help you to host events like brand activation, corporate events and even weddings. Today we will focus on how you can host brand activation events using virtual photo mosaics.

What is Brand Activation

The term applies mainly to the way your brand is fully revealed by people, by means of some kind of marketing strategy or engaging activities. Assume when you initiate a new business. Hardly anyone recognizes who you are and they know that your name is not recognized. Your brand is lifeless indeed it is referred to Dead. Before it can be of some use, it must be activated.

However, it is not only applicable to new brands. It can't make just a few adjustments if a company wants to restructure itself and hope that people recognize it. It requires going through and informing people of the process of shifting their perceptions to the new brand.

If you are a marketing guy or worked as a marketer you might be thinking isn’t it Brand Marketing? well sort of but brand activation refers to starting a new brand from scratch or rebranding while brand marketing refers to the overall tasks related to running a brand.

Forms of Brand Activation

Now that we have the basics of brand activations the next thing that pops up is what are the ways you can activate a brand? There are a couple of ways that will help you to activate the brand.

1. Experiential Marketing: A publicity method that allows users to experience the experiential brand marketing is inspired by traditional techniques that spread brand and product advantages to a broad public. Experiential marketing, also referred to as experiential marketing, maybe a set of marketing tactics designed to include consumers as much as possible. In simple words, experiential marketing helps to experience a brand by interacting with it directly or indirectly.

2. In-Store Activation: Another way to trigger a brand was via promotions or activities in the shops. This again means that customers can touch and communicate with your brands through an experiential element.

3. Online Activation: We are living in the digital era now and everything is going virtual. This is similar to in-store activation but here consumers interact with brands online via social media or website. These kinds of activations are getting much popular these days and we saw a rise of online activation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will mainly focus on online activation in this article as it fits the current situation perfectly.

What Is A Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall Event

A Virtual photo mosaic wall event is a type of event where people create a mosaic by using thousands of tiny photos. The photos are used to create another image. The tiny images are taken from Instagram, Twitter utilizing the power of hashtag printing. The images can also be taken by an onsite photo booth. This event can be a live physical event or a virtual event.

Once the mosaic wall is complete the guest can see their images when they come closer and while moving further back the big mosaic image is revealed. This makes the guest feel connected or feel some sort of bond with the cause or the event itself.

The virtual or online mosaic event works like the same but the users upload their images on a website using a special link. The big mosaic photo is shown either on a website or using a large screen TV. The virtual mosaic event got much attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. The photo mosaic wall event is very popular for brand activations, product launch, fundraising, wedding, and so on.

Use Photo Mosaic Wall Event For Brand Activation

Now we are back to our original topic which is brand activation using a Virtual Mosaic Wall Event. As we discussed in the form of Brand Activation the three types here will make a fusion of Experiential marketing with in-store and online activation and show you how you can activate your brand using a photo mosaic wall event.

1. Physical Activation: The physical activation is tired with in-store activation. Now it can be in your brand store or any physical location you like to host the event. You will be needing software for creating the mosaic photo. Diphideo mosaic photo software is currently best in the market. This software is used for live event activation but using it during Covid-19 is not a very good idea. So the best alternative is Virtual Photo Mosaic. 2. Virtual Activation: As I mentioned before the virtual mosaic wall event was a game changer in the brand activation and event industry during the COVID-19 pandemic as you can main social distancing and run an engaging event from the comfort of your home. The Online Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software is a unique solution for your virtual brand activation using a mosaic photo wall event. Diphideo Photo mosaic platform will create tangible business value through our in-depth live data analytics. And it works with just three steps after you are done with the registration process.

  • Select Main Mosaic Image: Configure your mosaic event settings like how many images you want to use for creating the mosaic. Number of tile images or uploaded images can be any number. For a good mosaic, you need at least 2K to 7K, more is better. Otherwise at least 500 or 1K is recommended.
  • Start Event: Once you select the number of images just start the event.
  • Share Unique Link: Share a unique link with your friends and users to participate in the event. It comes with an interactive photo gallery where you can zoom in/out to see the individual photo. Search can be by name, email or any personalized id.

You can manage unlimited events using the Online Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software from your home and no hardware is needed.

Streaming the Live Mosaic Preview

Thanks to lockdown and & strict quarantine the live streaming was top of the chart during Covid-19 pandemic. People from home used live streaming on Facebook, Youtube and other social channels to entertain themselves. You can also stream your virtual event on your Facebook page or Youtube directly from the webpage. As of 2020 more than 3.6 billions people are at least on one of the social networking sites and the brand you are promoting can get better exposure harnessing the power of social media. This will not only help you to expand the brands reach but also attract more users to participate in your event. Here are a few benefits you will get by live streaming your virtual mosaic event on social media.

  • Live streaming on social media could generate a bigger audience
  • Live streaming on social media gives your content urgency
  • Live streaming can whip up online interaction
  • Live streaming could open opportunities for new revenue
  • Live streaming could make you stand out from the crowd

Photo mosaic wall events are one of the most engaging forms of modern brand activation with proven success records. So if you want to start your brand activation events using Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software don’t forget to leave a comment below.