Use Interactive Digital Mosaic Photo Wall For Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is one of the most important elements of a brand & sometimes it helps to create an emotional bond with the customers. Brands are seeking more & more creative ways to portray their story to the end-users. Digital mosaic or virtual photo mosaic wall is a unique way of portraying your brand story using an interactive virtual platform. In this article, we will be showing how you can tell your brand story using an Interactive Digital Mosaic Photo Wall.

What Is Brand Storytelling & Why It’s Important

In the marketing industry, brand storytelling is gaining popularity, and with a legitimate reason. To get people's attention, stories are objectively verified. Stories cause activity in the brain. Our nerves start firing when we read or hear plot points, and not just in the part of the brain that regulates the center of language.

Yet the concept of brand storytelling has a lot of mystery surrounding it. Like content marketing, it is becoming a concept that gets tossed around a lot, but agencies, businesses, and policymakers do not agree on a definition. So there is no definite definition of brand storytelling so here is my take on it

Using a theme to link your brand with users, concentrating on matching what you aim for with the principles you communicate with your users

So, why does the storytelling of brands matter? The business is more complex than ever and it is tougher to succeed for publicity than it was even a decade earlier. Combine this with the journey of a buyer where the consumer controls the route to buy; purchasing is now social, self-directed, confidence-based, and transparent.

The best way to approach a buyer who chooses what and what she will buy is to stop promoting your items so aggressively and concentrate more on why your company exists at all. When you tell this story and describe your values, the customers who share your interests will trust you.

brand story via social media

The purpose of brand storytelling is to find out why your business exists and then tell that story to your potential clients through advertising campaigns from social media platforms, to your site, to ads and videos. It does more than just help to direct marketing efforts and build clear messages that resonate with your customers to have a brand narrative and what you stand for at the heart of your business strategy. It puts the team on the same page, energizing them to know how they're going or why they're there.

Few Examples of Brand Storytelling

brand storytelling

Storytelling's ability to amuse, educate, and convince is well known. Researchers have determined that most areas of our brain light up, or are active when we listen to a story being told. This biological behavior stands in contrast to more stable data consumption approaches, such as listening to a person recite information that only illuminate two different areas of the brain known as the area of Broca and the area of Wernicke. Here are the top three brand stories:

1.Red Bull: Red Bull has created a video representation of their product and you can find the video on their website: go and have a watch.
2.Coca Cola It's hard to find a person who never heard of coca cola. Nowadays they have taken a social route to portray their brand story and dealing with social issues. Find more on their website:
3. Airbnb: It's one of the most emerging companies in the world and aims to revolutionize the way we deal with hotels. Airbnb took its brand story to another level and connected directly with their community. Find out more here:
digital mosaic brand storytelling

What is Digital Mosaic Photo Wall

Well, there are two types of people who know what is a photo mosaic and those who do not. I will assume you belong to the second group. First, let’s understand what a mosaic photo wall is. It’s very simple to be honest, you are creating an image with hundreds of tiny images. When you look closely you see the tiny images and when you take a few steps back you see the main image. The tiny images are printed and put on a board to create the final image. It is like a puzzle and the goal is to complete the whole image.

The Digital Mosaic Photo Wall follows the same principle but instead of printing out the images the tiny images are uploaded on a digital platform or a website. There are different methods of collecting images like dropbox, hashtags, or direct upload. The whole process can be live-streamed on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube. You can also do a live preview on your website or any separate domain.

The Digital Photo Mosaic wall got huge popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic as social distancing protocol was imposed. As half of the world’s population is on social media it is a very effective way of telling a brand story.

How Digital Mosaic Photo Wall Works

I hope you already got a good idea about how the Digital Mosaic Photo Wall works. This section will give you in-depth knowledge of the system. The Digital Mosaic Photo Wall sometimes is also known as Virtual Mosaic, Virtual Photo Mosaic, and so on. But the core functions remain the same despite different names.

It is nothing but a web application or simply an online software consisting of imaging algorithms. This service is provided by many events organizers but Diphideo Mosaic is one of its kind. Here is how Diphideo’s digital mosaic works

1. Images: By name, you already got an idea that it is all about images and photos. So there are actually two types of images involved here. The first one is the mosaic image. In other words, it’s the big image that you want to recreate using thousands of other images. The tiny images which are used to create the mosaic images are called shell images. You can select as many images as you want.
2. Preview: As it is an online event it’s essential to preview the whole process and the event may last for several hours to days. You have two options for preview, the first one is you can set up a dedicated domain and live stream it there or you can also live stream on social media platforms like Facebook or Youtube.
3. Select Guest: Now you have to select guests. If you can select your end-users as a guest or you can also select your company employees as guests as well or you can select both the parties.
4. Share Depending on the type of guest you select you will be given a unique link where your guest will share the images. You can also run an ad campaign using that link.
5. Image Upload Now the image upload part you have several options to choose from and here are the options:
  • Direct Upload: Upload directly on the domain which is created for your event
  • DropBox: Select images from a pre-selected dropbox.
  • Hashtag: Encourage your guests to share on social media platforms using a specific hashtag and select the images from there.

The functions of the Digital Mosaic Photo Wall are very simple and easy. It takes less than an hour to set up an event. Once everything is ready you are free to share your event link.

How To Tell Brand Story Using Digital Mosaic Photo Wall

Now you know what the Digital Mosaic Photo Wall is and how it works. The next part is using it for Brand Storytelling. Here are a few benefits you will get by live streaming your virtual mosaic event on social media.

  • Goal: First ask yourself what do you want to achieve with your brand story? It is just for promotion or you want to get in close with customers on a personal level. Do you want to increase the engagement of customers with your brand? Do you want to address a social issue and connect your brand with it? There are many possibilities and you need to select one.
  • Select Image: Now depending on your goal, you need to select an image. It can be a logo or picture of your products or any image which connects directly with your brand.
  • Start Event: Now that you have selected the goal and images you can start your event. Share promoting the event on your social media channels to get maximum exposure.
  • Analyze: During the event and after the event, it is essential to check for results. If you are using Digital Mosaic Photo Wall then you will be given live analytics on how your event is going and you will also be able to store the valuable data of your guests.

We are living in a digital era and brands are looking for a more modernized way of interacting with the customers. Using Digital Mosaic Photo Wall for brand storytelling can add an extra edge to your brand.