How to organize a Fundraiser event using Mosaic Photo software?

More than 7 million people affected with half a million dead made humanity went in a frenzy due to COVID 19. The event industry was one of the many which was directly affected by this pandemic. Social distancing was imposed and most of the events were shut down. Fundraiser events got popular during this time and Photo Mosaic software for Fundraiser events made many event organizers shine during this dark time. Pandemic or normal Photo Mosaic software for fundraiser events is a game changer and we will learn more about it today.

What is a Fundraiser Event

The acquisition or collection of funds is a process by which individuals, corporations, charitable organizations, or government agencies may try and collect voluntary financial donations. While the fundraising process typically refers to efforts to raise money for non-profit organizations, it is occasionally used to identify and solicit investors or other capital resources for non-profit companies.

In recent years, however, new kinds of fund-raising such as online fundraising have arisen, mostly focused on old approaches as a grassroots collection. Fund-raising has historically consisted mainly of trying to finance donations on the street and on the doorstep, and this is experiencing very high growth by means of face-to-face fund-raising.

In recent days we are seeing a shift in the process of fundraising to increase the engagement of end-users. The introduction of experiential marketing is widely used to make sure the end-users or donors are having fun while contributing to a greater cause. A photo mosaic software or platform is one of the most used experiential marketing practices which is being used widely nowadays.

What is Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software

Pandemic or no pandemic virtual events will dominate the future. Diphideo has an attractive and exciting alternative way to start engaging events. Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software offers both virtual or live events using thousands of photos in one platform to create a huge photo mosaic. Everything can be done using the Diphideo Virtual Wall Photo Platform from creating your brand logo to just a simple, fun image.

The Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software platform is designed for people from every corner of life. It can be used to make sophisticated corporate events or fun events in your neighborhood. Diphideo Virtual Mosaic Wall Picture Software Platform is one of its kind with fast processing with linearity for the human visioning method.

With the Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software platform, anyone with negligible or limited IT knowhow can start their live or virtual event. You only have to select a photo and immediately start your event via a special link. Fundraiser events, brand activations, product launch, virtual conference, all can be done using one simple platform which is the Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software platform.

Organize a Fundraiser event using Mosaic Photo Software

When you are using the Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software platform you have two options either you can use the online version which can be used from any device or you can use the windows based software version which can be used for live events. We will discuss both methods and show you how you can organize a Fundraiser event using Mosaic Photo Software.

1. Online Event :

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the online version of the Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software platform worked like a miracle. As the social distancing was imposed all the events were canceled. All of us were in fear of not only losing their jobs but we were at the brink of losing an entire industry. That’s why the online version was released during the pandemic and it was accepted among the event people like candy. Here is how the online version works.

  • Create Account:
  • The first thing you need to do is create an account using your Gmail account and make sure you confirm your email address. Once you have done that just log in with your email and chosen password.
  • Start event:
  • When you are done with creating your account you need log in. Now you need to select the mosaic image. This is the image you want to create with tiny images uploaded by the users. You need to select the number of images you want to use to create the mosaic. Depending on your guest you can select 1000 to 10000 images. Now click on ‘Start Event’
  • Get Event link:
  • Once you click the start event you will be given a unique link and this is your event link. Now you need to share your event with your guests. You can personally mail or text the link. You can also run an email campaign with the link or place the mosaic on your website. Everything is possible when you are using the Diphideo photo mosaic software platform.

2. Live Event :

For a live event, you can use the windows based software which will allow you to complete the event in a physical location. This version also will help you to build an entire mosaic with printed images with a live preview. It also supports hashtag printing and sharing via email or WhatsApp. To learn more about it please contact us.

Fundraiser or a simple mosaic event for brand activation all is doable with Diphideo Mosaic Photo Software. If you want to host an event do get in touch with us as we can help you to organize a perfect event in a cost-effective manner.