What Is True Photo Mosaic and What Are The Benefits of True Photo Mosaic?

Everyone knows what a photo mosaic is but many people do not know what a true photo mosaic is and what are the benefits of it. You have to bear in mind that every true photo mosaic is a photo mosaic but not all photo mosaics are true photo mosaics. I know you are confused but trust me I was feeling the same when I first heard the term. So in this article, I will help you to understand all you need to know about the true photo mosaic and why it's the best.

What Is True Photo Mosaic

Now first things first there is no difference between a normal photo mosaic and a true photo mosaic in terms of functionality. The main difference lies in the quality and execution of the photo mosaic creation process. A normal mosaic does nothing but take your photos and arrange them with reduced opacity. It may make the overall better look than a true mosaic, but the images literally are arranged randomly in the grid, with an overlay of the main picture at 60-80 percent opacity on top.

On the other hand true mosaic arrange the cell images where they fit best in the main image. This is determined by the advanced mosaic algorithm. Opacity is not used in true mosaic rather color blending is used that is why you can see the small images a lot clearer in a true mosaic. At first glance, the normal photo mosaic may look appealing than the true mosaic but when you take a closer look at the photo you will notice the difference.

Difference Between Normal And True Photo Mosaic

As I mentioned before a normal mosaic and true mosaic may serve the same purpose but there is a lot going on beneath the surface. Here are a few key differences between normal and true mosaics.
1. Image Cell Size: A true mosaic will have a large or optimal cell image size. The best picture mosaic outcome can be obtained by selecting the optimum cell size. The cells must be big enough for the human eye to be visible without reducing the visibility of the actual source photo.
2. No Ghosting: One of the key differences between true and fake mosaic is that fake mosaic uses opacity to blend the cell image to match the original source image. In each cell picture, a true mosaic uses the colors and patterns to reproduce the source image appropriately. A budget solution, known as source ghosting, is set over the mosaic of the source file. This inexpensive approach results in a false mosaic but if you look closely you pick the differences in your picture mosaic.
3. No or little colorization: The thing is you need to use little colorization to match the cell images with the color of the source image. But the fake mosaic uses too much colorization. Colorization involves changing the colors, in order to suit the original picture more closely. A true mosaic does not use any colorization or little colorization. Often colorization may be needed, but you have to use a mosaic software that does not overdo mosaic colorization.
4. Perfect placement: The cell photos must be carefully sliced, arranged, and placed inside the mosaic in its most suitable location. Never spread or push cells into a position that is less than ideal. Using the state of the art mosaic algorithm you can position each cell image accurately, which brings incredible transparency to the final mosaic.
5. Quality Print: A true mosaic will have a higher quality when cell images are printed out. If you print a cell image of a fake mosaic you will see the images are blurry and the printed image will look dull and lifeless. A cell image of a true mosaic will have a greater quality of 3000+ dpi.

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Benefits Of True Photo Mosaic

Now you can differentiate between fake and true photo mosaics. I bet now you are wondering what are the benefits of a true mosaic. To be honest, if you went through the last part you probably realized the true benefits but here are some extra which you should keep in mind.
1. Satisfied Clients: From the client’s perspective, the success of an event depends on how much the guests are participating and how happy the guests are. When the guests will find out their images came out clear they will definitely feel happy and that will make the clients satisfied. The only way to achieve that is by using a true mosaic.
2. No Faking: Most of the mosaic creators do not provide a true mosaic and the mosaic they provide is fabricated. Only with true mosaic, you can provide the real experience of a photo mosaic event.
3. Greater ROI: Again when you have a satisfied client base you will keep getting more and more events. As you all know you have to pay for photo mosaic software and more events mean a better return on investment.
4. Quality Mosaic: One true mosaic is a real mosaic and others are just picture collages with a high level of colorization. Only a true mosaic will be able to give a quality mosaic.
5. Advanced algorithm: Only true mosaic offers advanced algorithms by which creating a mosaic is easy hassle-free and the final mosaic pleases both clients and guests.

True Photo Mosaic Software For Events

I am not making this up but one 2-3 companies in the world offer a true mosaic software for events. You will see tons of companies saying we offer true mosaic but in reality, it’s just a marketing gimmick. Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform is one best true photo mosaic software for events. This unique software offers both virtual mosaic events and desktop mosaic software for live events. Here are a few reasons why the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform is the best in the market.
1. Cross-device compatibility: Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform offers cross-device compatibility for its virtual photo mosaic event. You can start and manage mosaic events online using any devices.
2. Unlimited Events: Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform offers state of the art powerful mosaic server which can handle unlimited events. That means you can host an unlimited true mosaic event.
3. Auto Scalable for Multiple Online Events: One thing I like about the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform is the ability to run multiple events simultaneously. This is breaking the traditional norms of mosaic events that you can run one event at a time.
4. Smart Filter: Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform’s smart Deep Filtering based on the categories will help you to get rid of any unwanted images. So don’t worry about manually going through the images.
5. Lighting Fast & advanced Algorithm: Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform’s advanced and well-maintained servers will help you to generate mosaics based on user photos at light speed. It takes only 2-3 minutes to create the final mosaic depending on the number of images.
6. Time (timeslice) based auto-completion: Either using a predefined hashtag list or using our advanced algorithm to solve within the time is one of the best features of the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform. If you want to experience automation the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform is your best choice.

For live events, a true photo mosaic is a must if you want to run a brand activation using photo mosaic. With the Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software Platform, your true mosaic experience will reach new heights.