Here we have compiled some popular question(s) from
our creative clients and visitors around the world

Do you offer Virtual Photo Mosaic Service?

Yes, we have virtual (online) based photo mosaic & virtual photo booth service for virtual engagement. You can use both together as a complete platform. If your event process is different than usual virtual photo mosaic process, don't worry about it. As long as, your goal is the photo mosaic then we know all the drills for event industry, so we will make it happen for you through our Diphideo Virtual platform.

What is Photo Mosaic?

There are many types of Photo Mosaic or Photo Mosaic wall. Each has its own Quality, Cost & Processing. Basic types are following -

  • Ghost Mosaic or Super-imposed
  • True Mosaic with Adaptive Colorization
  • True Mosaic without any kind of colorization

How does your pricing work?

Basically, we offer pricing per event, month and year. You can hire us for individual event or you can buy our service for your own business. So, both services are available for you. Contact us for more details.

Does the pricing vary based on Main Image Size or total number of images?

Yes, it does but only if more than 700 photos. Otherwise, we offer best creative value based pricing for our clients.

Does the pricing vary for event duration?

Yes, it does but only if you want to run for more than 7 days (one week).

Can we embed the Live Animated Mosaic into our website?

Yes, you can. We will provide you embedded code and then you can just put into your or your client site.

Do you have demo?

Yes, we provide instant demo, so that you can try for yourself. Please contact us.

Do you provide Support/help for us?

Of course. We provide 7 day(s) personalized support/help. It is like 24 hours but sometimes delay happens for natural causes, you know!

Do you provide customization for my requirements?

Yes, we do. We offer free meeting/consultation based on the project nature/SOW. Although our platform is dynamic for feature/add-on.

Can you do white labeling for us?

For free white labeling, you can just use our embedded code for the virtual event. If you want to use your own url instead of ours, then you need to change some DNS settings from your Hosting/CPanel. For more details or if you have different requirements, please contact us.