Hire Us For Virtual Mosaic Event

Our Virtual Photo Mosaic online platform offers something for everyone. From sophisticated corporate events to having fun among friends everything is possible when you have the Diphideo Virtual Photo Mosaic Service at your disposal. Photos can be from any devices like your own individual phone, tablet, ipad or laptop. Also can be pulled in from instagram hashtag or live feed or direct submission using your own form.

Setting up a virtual event can be quite troublesome and a bit technical, to be honest. If you want to spare this headache of setting up a virtual event hire us for it. With our dedicated professionals who will host & manage your events like their own. Here is how it works

1. Requirement Analysis

First, our salespersons will gather all your requirements and event objectives. Once all the requirements are finalized our team will proceed to the next stage.

2. Setting up the test link

We will setup the virtual event test link prior to your event. Interface & everything will be done according to the requirements. Test period will be only three days by default.

3. Start Event

Once everything is ready to go, it's time to start your event. The unique link which will be created for the event will be given to you. All you need to do is measure the success of your event.

4. Live Analytics and Report

During virtual event, you or your agent can monitor the event or campaign for uploading & lead details. Also, live moderation is available.

Challenges We Solve

When you will look for Virtual Photo Mosaic, you will find there are lots of websites who provide this service but those are just for individual photo mosaic, no test phase, less personalized version, superimposed image mosaic and very expensive.

  • Provide maximum test phase version for best quality & user engagement
  • Provide affordable cost per event
  • Animated Interactive Photo Mosaic Gallery which can be customized for UI
  • Easy setup and Ready to Go within 5mins
  • Upload Photos from your local storage or connect with various cloud galley directly
  • Provide True Mosaic, True + Color & normal mosaic