Diphideo Virtual Photo Mosaic

Everything is virtual these days so why not events. Create an enormous photo mosaic using thousands of photos in one platform. From creating your brand logo to just a simple fun image all is possible using the Diphideo Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Service.

Anyone with No IT Background can get started with the Diphideo Virtual Mosaic Wall Photo Software Platform. You just need to select a photo and start your event Instantly via a unique link. You get in-depth event analytics (data collection), interactive live moderation, admin dashboard to free 24/7 IT support. The Diphideo Virtual Photo Mosaic Software Service is a one-stop platform to start your virtual events today!

Core Features

There are many features for live event desktop version. It is designed to provide best user experiences, faster interaction and 100% consistency during the events.

  • Run online Mosaic Site (24/7)
  • Choose algorithm as you wish
  • Instant Social Media Sharing
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Get Unique Event Link/Code
  • Animated Live Preview
  • Live Moderation
  • Email Sending as domain email
  • Fault Tolerant
  • In-depth Analytics & Report

Support For Personalization

If it is just one mind, then everything will be always "Yes!". But it is not just one mind, so we made it to adapt!

Third Party Integration

Our workflow can be easily integrated photo mosaic with your existing process

Connect Remote Gallery

Hassle free remote gallery setup or customization to get remote photos.

Time based auto-completion

Easily complete your photo mosaic event based on event time, guest number.

Email Notification Template

You can easily customize email confirmation template with your own branded email.