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Grow your business with Diphideo

Diphideo Mosaic platform offers a unique opportunity to join as a partner under our referral program. This will help you to earn up to 50% in commission. The referral program is applicable to the following services only.

  • Diphideo Photo Mosaic Software
  • Diphideo Virtual Photo Mosaic
  • Hire Us For Virtual Mosaic Event

By referring these products you can get instant cashback or avail up to 50% discount upon purchase or license renewal. Here is how the cashback or discount percentage count works.

1st Tier Bonus (5% to 25%)
Your first referral will result in an instant 5% bonus and for each referral, another 5% will be added. For your 6th to 10th referral, you will get a 25% instant cashback or discount. The 2nd tire bonus will be available from your 11th referral.

2nd Tier Bonus (30% to 50%)
You will unlock your 2nd tier bonus at your 11th referral which will give you a 30% cashback or discount. 5% extra will be added for your every referral till your 15th which will result in a 50% cashback or discount. From your 16th referral, you will enjoy 50% on every referral.

If you want to join our referral program or if you have any queries please send us an email at