Diphideo Virtual Photo Booth (Online Photo Booth)

Everybody knows what is Virtual Photo Booth!
So, lets learn the core feature(s) and other extra feature(s) you can have for your online or virtual photo booth event.

Unique Core Feature(s)

Our Virtual Photo booth Platform is designed to provide best user experiences, faster interaction and 100% consistency during the events.

  • Photo, GIF & Boomerang (Unlimited)
  • Add Branded Overlay
  • Branded Email (Unlimited)
  • Downloading as MP4 (Unlimited)
  • Embedded Code for your website
  • UI Customization/Integration for existing UI
  • Multilingual Support for Native Language
  • Test Phase Prior to the Event
  • 7 days IT Support
  • Responsive design for device(s)

Support For Virtual Photo booth Personalization

If it is just one mind, then everything will be always "Yes!". But it is not just one mind, so we designed the system to adapt!

Extra Special Feature(s)

Following are our special features for your virtual photo booth needs. It will enrich your virtual photo booth online event.

  • In-depth Analytics & Reporting
  • Custom Branded HTML Email Template
  • Smart Background Removal
  • White Label URL
  • Receiving Email Copy
  • Parallel/Multiple Event Links (Concurrent)
  • Instant uploading to Dropbox/Google drive
  • All Social Sharing (Unlimited)
  • Yearly Subscription for your site
  • Photo/GIF goes in Photo Mosaic (Direct)